Using A Basement To Add Living Space To A Home

Changing needs can cause homeowners to want or need extra living space. Perhaps they like the area in which they live so they don’t want to move or they may not be able to afford to move to a different neighborhood in order to gain an extra bedroom or bathroom. One option for people who have basements is to undergo Basement Renovations which will make their homes more functional. This can be an extremely economical option for those who want to improve the satisfaction they get out of their current homes without making drastic structural changes.


Homeowners who have one or more young children may find that their current living arrangements do not provide enough space for the young members of their families to run and play. A basement playroom is one of the most popular residential renovations taking place now. A playroom can serve as a place to store toys, board games, books, and other items of interest to children. Having a separate area for kids to hang out can be a great use of space in a basement.

Another way homeowners can add living space is to create a bedroom and bathroom combination in the basement. This area could be used by guests or as a living space for a teenager who wants a little more privacy than what they can have on a different level of a home. The newly created living area could be utilized by a nanny or elderly family member. Being able to access this area without having to climb a lot of stairs can be great for people who have problems with their mobility. Adding a bedroom and bathroom can do a lot to increase the value of a home.

Another trending Residential Renovation to a basement involves the installation of a home office area. People can use this area to make productive use of their time after leaving the office. Many employers are starting to offer the people who work for them the ability to work from home on a part-time or full-time basis. Alternatively, the space could also be used to start or maintain a small business. An area could carved out to complete work behind the scenes and there could also be an area designed specifically to receive clients. Oakville Contractors can help homeowners figure out how their basements can be best utilized to add functional living or work space to the homes they already own for an affordable cost.


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